Selling My Dog Wash Equipment

When I sold my newer modern wash in January 2014 part of the deal was to also close the car wash I owned exactly one mile away for competitive reasons. I agreed after getting an asking price that made the closing of the other property worthwhile. I was allowed to keep my dog wash bays open as they were not a competitive threat. I decided that with only the dog wash being operational that it was not worthwhile keeping the dog wash open for $700-$1,200 revenue that it provided. Therefore I am selling all the dog wash equipment. It was manufactured by National Pride in 2009 and looks brand new. There are two bays. Here is the description from my Craigslist ad:

Keep in mind this is all self-serve. Generate $500-$1200 a month with very little work (clean-up each day). All this equipment sells new for around $18,000+ when you include hot water tank shampoo, supplies, credit card swipes, etc..

I am selling for $9,000. All equipment including stainless steel tubs, coin boxes with bill acceptors, Dixmor timers and Eport credit card swipes. Also, has fur exctractors and professional grooming blowers, and all the other services (10 selection) rotary switches. All you need to do is plumb water and electric to your location and your making extra cash. You can come see it up and running. It was manufactured by one of the leaders in this type of equipment, National Pride. Firm on price.

See photos here:



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