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"Car Wash Business 101: The #1 Car  Wash Start-Up Guide" Reveals: How to start, build and run a profitable car wash business.

Written by Buzz Glover who built two car washes in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and bought a third wash. This is the most comprehensive book on the market for getting started in the car wash business. Getting a bank loan, finding investors, choosing a location, choosing equipment, and much much more! Now available here for download.

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I truly enjoyed the wealth of CarWash knowledge you shared. I am in the planning stages of constructing a 3 bay self serve CarWash. Your book is a true inspiration with learning of the various planning, equipment and construction phases and requirements. The practical tools and tips in your book are extremely helpful with avoiding costly mistakes. I would highly recommend this book! Thank you

Alfred Garnett

I've found Buzz's book to be a fantastic guide as I research the possibility of investing in a car wash. The information is current and relevant to opening a car wash today. It is a practical, no nonsense approach to car washes...soup to nuts. The information focuses on starting from scratch but the ideas it covers can definitely be applied to purchasing an existing business. In short, he lays it out for anyone to understand and, in my opinion, be successful.

Vince Bifano

Although I have never been in the car wash business I have owned and operated a number of businesses including restaurants, bars, and most recently a construction company which I sold a few months ago, and I am now retired. On a recent trip to Florida I found that the small town I was in did not have a car wash, and the wheels started turning. I began looking into the car wash business and bought this book. Good decision! Based on my years of experience in starting and operating businesses, it is my opinion that this book lays a good foundation for researching the feasibility of a car wash business. Having worked with franchised businesses, I recognize that the site evaluation plan is pretty much what the large franchise companies use in site evaluation. The business plan/financing package is also very good. I think that Buzz Glover did an excellent job with this book and that reading it should be a part of the research done by anyone looking to get into the business. Obviously it does not provide all the answers, since so many factors are site specific, but it is a very good framework. I recommend this book highly.

Being a entrepreneur who wants to get in the car wash business, this book was a HUGE help. The insight to writing a successful business plan for a car wash was truly helpful. Thanks Buzz for taking the time to write this. It will be very helpful in my success as a car wash owner!

Mike T

In this Ebook You Will Discover...

  • How To Get Bank or Investor Financing

    Creating a good bank/investor financing package is the first key to getting into the car wash business. Your ability to “sell” your bank or a potential investor on your car wash project will allow you gain the financing most individuals need for getting started in the car wash business. This guide devotes a whole chapter on raising capital for your venture.

  • Choosing A Good Location

    Traffic count is not the only thing to consider when choosing a location. This guide provides a checklist of all the factors to consider when choosing a location. Population density, ingress and egress, shopping district considerations, speed limit, and other considerations all are discussed in one chapter dedicated to this subject.

  • Choosing A Good Equipment Package

    Your equipment package can make you, or break you, in the car wash business. Newer technologies, reliability, customer loyalty, and many other factors will require competent informed decision making. This guide will help you make good decisions in this area and avoid costly mistakes.

Plus, much, much more!

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