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Buzz Glover currently owns two car washes in the east suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA .  The first wash was built in 2004. The second in 2007.  He then  bought a third wash out of bankruptcy in 2008. He no longer has an interest in the second wash he built in 2007 leaving it to his former partners.

Here are some of his accomplishments to date in the car wash business:

1. Built two washes from the ground up – both cash flowed from day one.

2. Mentored with a commercial real estate superstar shadowing his every move on site selection and the attributes of a good retail site.

3. Bought a third wash and turned it into a money maker through some simple upgrades.

4. Increased sales year-over-year until 2011.  (A great accomplishment based on the current economy)

5. Built a steady, loyal customer base in a market area that is low to middle income all while charging the higher prices than his nearest competitors.

6. Developed financial packages for successful bank financing of over $2.5 million for the car wash projects

These accomplishments provide credibility to his newest venture in providing “newbies” (and existing) car wash owners some guidance in achieving some of the same success that he has been able to enjoy with this website and his new product “Car Wash Business 101: The #1 Car Wash Start-Up Guide”, a guide to starting and operating a profitable car wash business.

While both of his current washes are self serve washes, a 5 bay with dog wash and a 5 bay with 2 in-bay automatics, many of the principles, ideas, and information shared can be beneficial in any type of car wash operation, including full serve, flex serve, express washes.


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