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“I just finished reading your book and wanting to personally thank you for the info you shared. You answered a lot of questions and I am very excited to start my own car wash in the near future. I have to admit that I read another car wash starter book before yours that was not written by an actual owner and the difference in the information is surprising. I feel sorry for those that jump into this game after reading a book like that and thinking they know everything they need to get started. You did a great job.”
Brian Scott - Las Vegas, NV

I must say this book is the best thing out there for anyone trying to start a self-serve and automatic car wash.
Leon - Hawaii

  • You Have Always Wanted To Own A Car Wash But Did Not Know Where To Start

  • You Want To Get Started In A Business That Will Allow You To Keep Your Current Job

  • You Want A Passive Income Opportunity That 

    Allows You The Freedom, To Golf, Travel, Or Do Things You Want To Do


Get The Education You Need To Make An Informed Buying Or Investing Decision From a Current Car Wash Owner With Multiple Locations!


Whether YOU would like a part-time business to supplement your current income, or you’re looking to make a career change, or just looking for a new investment opportunity, a car wash may be the business you have been searching for. The Car Wash Business has many advantages over other small businesses, I know because I have been involved in a bunch of small businesses.


Why a self-serve car wash is a great business:

  1. If run properly, it should only require 10- 15 hours a week of your time. Instead of getting a second job, own a part-time business and a self-serve car wash can truly be run part-time.
  2. The self-serve car wash business is NOT labor intensive so you won’t have a lot of employees to manage. While many car washes have part-time attendants it is usually only one and they work very limited hours. Less payroll headaches, employee headaches, and mostly, less payroll expenses (the number one business expense)!
  3. Customers will simply come to your car wash to use your equipment,  your vacuums, and your vending machine that sells car care items. You maintain the equipment and collect money!
  4. No selling involved in a self service car wash, so you won’t need a sales staff.
  5. A car wash is a “feel-good business” business that fulfills peoples love of their vehicles and has proved somewhat recession resistant. In fact, I experienced my best years in 2009 and 2010 right in the middle of the biggest economic downturn since the great depression.
  6. In the car wash business the customers supply their own labor or they use the automatic car wash bays that performs the labor for them. Even then all the money collection and machinery is automated so you can be open 24/7/365 and have customers feed your business even while your sleeping.
  7. There are no collection problems because customers pay with cash or credit cards up front. No need for 30-60, or 90 day receivables.
  8. A car wash is a great way to pay for real estate, with a real brick and mortar business.
  9. Car washes are simple businesses and can be run with no experience. But don’t be fooled by their simplicity. Take the time to educate yourself about this business before you jump in and put your hard earned money on the table.

When you decide you want to build or buy a car wash, don’t get caught up on how much it cost to buy or build. The first thing to understand is the numbers. You will need to be able to ascertain what the income or potential income is for the business before you decide if it is too expensive to build.  You will need to evaluate potential income and carefully examine all the expenses. This will tell you how much money the car wash is making and give you some idea as to its value.

A car wash for sale is easy to find. Simply look in the “business for sale” section of any newspaper or on a dozen or so web sites listing businesses for sale and you will have no problem finding a listing. But be forewarned, finding a good one to buy can be very challenging. Most car washes are very profitable businesses and can generate excellent returns for the owner. Unfortunately, many that are for sale tend to be the under-performing ones, so you need to be very careful during your due diligence.

Car Washes are highly sought after businesses because of their ease of management and all cash nature. This means that the good ones go fast, so you’ll need to have a strategy when you go out looking for a car wash business.

“I enjoyed Buzz’s insight into the car wash business. It was easy to follow and provided key ideas for starting and managing a new car wash business. It is clear that Buzz has enjoyed success in the industry and wants to pass that information on to others. Kudos! ”
Anthony Salm, Cleveland, OH

Here is what you get!

  • A business plan I actually used to get three car washes financed!
  • Instructions on how to choose a great location!
  • Instructions on how to choose a good equipment package and distributor!
  • Instructions on how to get financing when you lack the proper down payment!
  • Instructions on how to put a good investor/financing package together!
  • Instructions on the actual construction on your car wash!
  • Instructions on how to market your wash once, your open!
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Limited Introductory Special Only was $39 Now Only $19
This Week Only Limited Introductory Special Only $19

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