How much time should you allow for the building process and should you pick a location first?

On the Car Wash Business 101 Facebook page. I had a woman ask me two questions:

1. How long should I plan on the entire process taking (choosing location, building, etc..)

2. Should I choose a good location first?

Actually here is the exact wording of her question and my response! Pay special attention to the response for choosing a location – it can save you a bunch of money and make the deal much less risky for you.

Her Question:

“Hi buzz, I really enjoy your book, website, etc. I drove by an old closed down car wash one day and something just struck me and I started researching the business and find that it seems to be a good fit for us. One question, assuming that all the proper research and work is done properly how long can I expect to be able to go from no business to opening day? Does a year seem too quick to expect? OK maybe 2 questions, do you recommend shopping for a great location and securing the land first? Thanks!”

My Response:

Hi Michelle, I will help you any way that I can. I am not clear on your question. It sounds as though you are asking if you build a wash how long should you plan on the process taking you? That is difficult to answer and some of it depends on the community you are building in and their planning department process. If you push the project along aggressively with your architect/engineers and get it through the planning department in the community quickly, a year or less could be ample time. If you are working with a community that is a PIA (pain in ass) then it could take longer. I have had both experiences. You could shop for location first and do the deal as an option. When you write the option make it for 180 days and with full refund of deposit if you do not exercise option (might be difficult with some sellers but you can usually get some type of option through negotiations). This will allow you time to get your drawings together and submitted to make sure the project will go through. Hope this helps and good luck! Buzzie.

If you need a copy of a real estate option form contact me and I will forward it to you.

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