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I have done my time. 10,000 hours to become an expert. Sure there are many car wash owners who have many more hours of experience and their are newer owners who have less hours of experience. But there is no one good source you  can go to if you want to open up a new car wash, especially if you want to own a self serve car wash with in-bay automatics. I have done my time. Built two car washes from the ground up and bought a third. I now, without any guilt , declare myself a car wash expert. There are some car wash owners who might contradict my self declaration but I can tell you confidently that I can give a new prospective owner good advice in many of the areas they will need to do research in opening up a new car wash. I have  a great deal of experience in bank financing (from my former career), in site selection (worked as a licensed commercial real estate for a short time), in construction (I paid my dues with the two car washes I built), and in equipment selection (I know what I did well with and I know the mistakes I made) and, I know some specialty marketing for car washes. Yes, I am a self-declared expert, and when I don’t know something I will not pretend to know it.

Now for the goals of this site. First a disclaimer, I am not a professional writer. I will have mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and probably some other problems trying to communicate with you. With this said, I am going to practice what my remedial English 100 (that’s right, I needed to take English 100 before English 101) professor taught me at Clarion University of PA. Free writing. Just get my thoughts down on paper (or digitally) and let it flow. Write like you talk she told me. The problem is that my speech isn’t all that great either. Disclaimers aside, here are the goals:

1. Provide good unbiased information to prospective car wash business owners.

2. Provide information about good decisions and bad decisions I made as I got started in the business and as I continue to own my car washes.

3. Provide outside expertise through interviews, guest posts, and podcasts form leaders in the industry.

4. Provide ongoing support for car wash newbies.

5. To keep a regular posting schedule to accomplish the above goals.

With this said, I hope you will join me on my new journey, as I join you on your new journey. Please look for my next post on how I came to own car washes.

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