How I Made Enough Money To Afford to Start Building Car Washes

Recently, I started thinking about how my life unfolded as far as my career goes. I also have taken a keen interest in why most guys and girls who are interested in the car wash business never get started. I sent out a survey to those on my mailing list that asked simple questions about why or why they did not get started. There was a resounding response for the reason most people do not get started. I already knew the problem. They did not have enough money!

I started to become obsessed on how to overcome this problem and this when I started reflecting on how I was able to afford it and what my own experience was in this area. The reality was my success in another business was what allowed me to get started in the car wash business. Now ten years later, I know what my legacy will be as far as my career will most likely be, car wash owner, and the other career that afforded me the ability to invest in car washes. Mainly equipment finance and brokering business loans. In fact, to be truly honest, the business loan brokering business was much more lucrative than the car wash business although it required more hands-on than the car wash business.

Having been in and out of the loan brokering business over the past twenty years, I started to take a keen interest on possibly teaching this business as well. After all, if it wasn’t for this business, I would have never been able to get started in the car wash business.

I sold my last car wash in January of 2014 after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease a few years earlier and now here it is January 2016. I spent all of 2015 as a consultant for a start-up brokering business loans. It felt too much like a job but I did enjoy the coaching/teaching aspects of it. Now I had numerous reasons to start yet another business. I thought it would allow me to provide value to aspiring car wash owners as well as let me continue with my new passion of coaching teaching in the two industry’s I love most: car washing and brokering business loans.

My biggest concern was to not dilute my car wash authority with this other business I was in for most of my professional life. But really this is something that might help a bunch of people. Especially those who did not have the money to get started in the car wash business based on how much it cost to get started. So earlier this month, I launched A website for anyone (no finance experience necessary) to learn how to broker business loans. A very lucrative career move for me back in 1999 and still lucrative today. If you have any interest. Please visit the site as the lessons will be starting soon.

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